This is a listing of some of the many suppliers...I have purchased products from most of these companies, but I offer no warranties.

Arizona Silhouette  - great stuff, sells berea kits, finishing products, and alot of stabilzed woods
Beall Tool Company - buffing systems, specialized tools
Berea Hard Woods Co., Inc. - primarily pen kits and some woods/alternate materials
Craft Supplies USA - very good stuff!
HUT Products - some cool stuff
JET Equipment & Tool - machines, lathes, etc
Penn State Industries - good stuff
Rockler Woodworking and Hardware
Woodcraft  - good stuff
Woodturningz - great folks, sells penn state, hut and others
WoodWrite, Ltd. - supplies, lathes


penturners groups: - penturners group on yahoo - IAP - international association of penturners - freedom pens project

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